It is obvious from the messages above that hesitation and reluctance about seeking help for mental health issues can be harmful to us. 25% of the general population are likely to suffer from a mental illness in their lifetime. There is more suffering and more disability resulting from mental illness, than there is from general medical conditions, like heart disease, diseases of the lungs or kidneys . On the other hand very effective treatments are available today for psychiatric disorders; which are largely brain disorders.

Human Beings have Great Potential. Mental illness often becomes an obstacle towards its realization. Its High time that we start considering seeking prompt help and getting the  different mental conditions adequately treated. Psychiatry has made enough progress in the last few decades to reduce the suffering and disability resulting from mental illnesses.

Besides the denial used by people, the stigma is also due to the common public notions, that mental illness results either from “too much thinking” or “too much stress”. So, it’s either the individual himself who is blamed, or when the situation is blamed he or she feels helpless that the situation cannot be changed or escaped.

A person’s coping skills could be compromised in various mental disorders where the functions of the brain are affected. Functions like mood state, consciousness, focus, memory, perception, thought process, thought content could become pathological or deficient. The capacity to work and social functioning is impaired.

Most mental disorders have become treatable today. The suffering and disability associated with mental disorders need not be endured. With proper and adequate treatment, most individuals make good recoveries and lead normal, productive and fruitful lives.


 Common condition characterized by Panic attacks (Bouts of very severe anxiety). …


When we talk of Depressive illness we are not referring to momentary feelings …


Some people believe a Psychiatrist is a mind reader and he could understand a patient’s condition …


It's because of the beliefs we have held for centuries, about mental illness- which still exist in the minds of people today …

So, let us try to make sure that we stay healthy of mind and so do our fellow human beings. Let us work towards improving our Quality of Life and aim for positive mental health. Let all of us work to realize our true potential.

Mind – Body Division- Before the Age of modern medicine there was no division between diseases of the Body and diseases of the Mind. They were both considered Medical. In the absence of effective treatments, psychological and social theories abound. Disease was attributed to either stress or excessive thinking.

Disclaimer: - The content of the website is meant to educate people and increase awareness about psychiatric disorders and our attitudes towards mental illness. The treatment of disorders would require the individual to seek professional help.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q.Is mental illness/emotional suffering caused by “too much thinking”?

A. This is what people would say to the person when treatments were not available – blame the person for what he is going through. “It’s all in your mind”. “Forget it”. “Stop worrying”. “Divert your mind”. “Get busy”.
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Can stress cause mental illness? Can avoiding stress keep one healthy?

Excessive stress can lead to the onset or maintenance of mental illness in some individuals. But it is often seen that in most people who come with an episode there are no unusual or stressful events responsible for the sudden changes in the altered mental states.

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Does one have to take treatment lifelong? Is a cure possible?

There are different mental illnesses, some curable and some treatable. Mild illness of short duration where the genetic loading and the biological disturbance is not severe cures can be cured.

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